Psychological Practice

Magª. Anna Katharina Fuchs
Clinical and Health Psychologist
Psychotherapeutin in Ausbildung unter Supervision

Advice and treatment also available in German and Spanish.



Biofeedback is a method that enables certain body functions such as breathing, temperature, pulse and muscle tension to be visualized on the computer. A large number of complaints can be traced back to the fact that these body functions are out of balance. With the help of biofeedback, it is possible to learn in a playful way how to consciously, willfully and specifically influence the corresponding body functions. Because of its playful nature, biofeedback is particularly well received by children and adolescents. The classic areas of application of biofeedback are stress, relaxation, headache, migraines, muscle and posture-related pain, anxiety and anxiety disorders, high blood pressure, ADHD and performance enhancement as well as depression, tics and tinnitus.


Neurofeedback is a subcategory of biofeedback in which you learn to deliberately and specifically influence your own brain waves. Neurofeedback is used in particular for ADHD, as well as for general promotion of mental performance and concentration.

Biofeedback is scientifically recognized as an effective therapeutic method of holistic medicine. Biofeedback has nothing to do with bioresonance.

I am also happy to offer advice and intervention in Spanish or English.


Clinical-psychological diagnostics serve to comprehensively clarify complaints and symptoms, as well as to record existing resources.


Psychological counseling offers support in a wide variety of situations and areas of life. The aim is to improve the quality of family life and thus the well-being in the community.


Psychological intervention means the exertion of various psychological influences that take into account the application and integration of different treatment approaches. The detailed diagnostics before the creation of an intervention program is essential to get an accurate picture of the existing difficulties.

"Psychotherapeutin in Ausbildung unter Supervision" means that I am allowed to offer independent psychotherapeutic work under frequent supervision

About me

My name is Anna Katharina Fuchs and I work as a psychologist in Vienna-Nussdorf. After studying psychology at the University of Vienna, I lived and worked in Spain for seven years. Back in Vienna I completed my training as a clinical and health psychologist. This was followed by various further training courses in the areas of children, adolescents and family, biofeedback and the psychotherapeutic preparatory course. My partner and I live in a multicultural relationship and have two children. People and their relationships with themselves and others have always interested me. I am happy to support anyone – regardless of their age - in finding solutions to their problems and in learning the strategies necessary for this. I am currently training to be a behavioral therapist at ÖGVT.